My "Why"

My Campaigns

Let's Partner Together

I’ve outline some of the things that are currently important to me. They vary from personal goals to communal goals, and gives a better picture of my vision, and the things that I will be able to accomplish with your partnership

My New Car

It has been a long time coming, but it’s time for me to purchase my first car!


$6,200 Raised

$29,000 Goal

Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt has jumped to a total of 1.73 TRILLION DOLLARS collectively. I am fighting to make sure that I am no longer a part of this statistic, and by supporting me with your continued purchasing, you help me reach this goal!


$29,245 Raised

$59,000 Goal

Build A Community Center

I dream of one day having the income to buy an abandoned building and repurpose it for a community center, or building one from the ground up!


$0 Raised

$8,990,000 Goal

Parental Emergency Fund

As my loving parents continue to progress in their golden years, I want to ensure that I have a solid emergency fund to attend to all of life’s unexpected situations.


$3,125 Raised

$26,000 Goal

Music Instruments for Philly Public Schools

As a graduate of the Philadelphia Public School District and beneficiary of amazing music programs, I know what a difference music instruments can make in a child’s life.


$0 Raised

$10,000 Goal

Create a PAC

I envision creating Political Action Committee that serves as a line of capital for politicians who have the interests of my community at heart. 


$0 Raised

$3,000,000 Goal