My Community Center

The Back Story

Being a native of Philadelphia, I remember when we had our choice of community centers to go to. There were different ones that had different activities and sports to play. These community centers kept us active, and served as neighborhood hubs that could hold meetings, educational services and much more. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve began to see less and less community centers that are still open and operating. This has led to less opportunities for our youth to engage in constructive activities. 

The Goal

My goal is to build a community center in Philly where the community can use it to hold events and activities for all generations. 

The Result

Having a community center in Philly will give our youth more opportunities to be active, learn important skills, and ultimately have an enriched childhood. I want the community center to not only have athletic outlets but to have serve as an education hub for youth and adults, teaching them subjects that are often neglected by the public school system and even parents at times. 


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$8,990,000 Goal

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Musical Instruments for Philly Public Schools


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