My Parent's Emergency Fund

The Back Story

I am blessed to have great parents who created an environment for my siblings and I to be successful in life. Unfortunately, my parents have both experienced complications to their health that has forced them both into an early retirement and have greatly impacted their savings. 

The Goal

My goal is to help my parents rebuild their savings by creating an emergency fund for them. This emergency fund will allow them to:

The Result

Growing an emergency fund for my parents will put their minds at ease a bit, because I know that they stress over finances whenever a large expense comes up. It will also alleviate some of the stres on me as their son, knwing that I’ve created an emergency fund for them so that I wont have to worry about them as much. 


$3,499 Raised

$26,000 Goal

Latest Causes


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$8,990,000 Goal

Musical Instruments for Philly Public Schools


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$10,000 Goal


$19,245 Raised

$59,000 Goal