Meet Don

Don Brown is a creative professional, an entrepreneur, a Philly native, a follower of Christ, and an advocate for all things that bring African Americans justice, equity, power & freedom.

Don’s love of creativity comes from his passion for art. His father put a pencil and paper in front of him at the age of 2, and he has been drawing, painting and creating ever since. His passion for art led to him getting his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design Communication.

Today, Don owns and operates DonBrownDesign, a full-service design staffing agency with nation-wide clientele. He also operates as an Influencer, working with private label brands and national chain stores to grow their e-commerce marketshare. He continues to push his entrepreneurial abilities to create more opportunities for entrepreneurs and create spaces for economic growth within the African American community. 

DHB Enterprises

My Purpose

Here’s where I believe my God-given abilities can create a positive impact

To Be A Resource

I envision a future where I can be a resource to my family and community. I want to connect others with the educational, entrepreneurial and financial resources needed to live fulfilled and accomplished lives.

To Force Change

I am passionate about pushing myself and others to better themselves so that our community can be better. I admittedly have an altruistic outlook on life and I believe

To Build Leaders

I am looking to build people and create environments where people can find ways to be leaders and exercise their leadership in their own way.

To Collaborate With Others To Achieve

I believe that we're stronger when we work together. I believe we all have abilities and skillsets that when combined, can change our community for the better.