Student Loan Debt

The Back Story

My parents always wanted me to go to college because they thought that that would be my way of progressing in life and achieving new levels of success. While I am thankful to have parents that have always motivated me to do better for myself, the results of my academic endeavors landed me in a considerable amount of debt. Additionally, the financial instability of my twenties only caused the debt to increase due to interest being applied to the debt. Thankfully, I am gainfully employed now and paying down on my debt monthly, but I started my own business as a way to help pay down my debt faster. By partnering with me and giving me an opportunity to earn your business as a new customer, you are playing an important part in my journey to become debt-free!

The Goal

My goal is to pay off my student loan debt ASAP! Paying off my student loan debt will allow me to:

The Result

By redirecting a portion of your purchasing power from the current stores that you frequent to my store, you will be helping me achieve my goal of aggressively paying off my student loans! Paying off my loans at a faster pace means paying less overall because fewer months of interest can be applied. This ultimately ties into my other campaign to raise money for my parent’s saving account, because the faster I can pay off my student loans the more money I will have to give towards my parent’s savings! 


$19,245 Paid off

$59,000 Goal

Latest Causes

Build A Community Center


$0 Raised

$8,990,000 Goal

Musical Instruments for Philly Public Schools


$0 Raised

$10,000 Goal


$3,358 Saved

$29,000 Goal