My New Car

The Back Story

I’ve always wanted to buy a car for myself,  but it always seemed farfetched. Between struggling to establish myself in my twenties, paying down on student loan debt and providing financial support for family members, it was always slightly out of my reach. However I am excited to finally scratch this goal off my list and get it done. 

The Goal

My goal is to purchase a Honda Prius as my first car. I don’t know of too many people who prefer a Prius, but here’s my reasoning

The Result

Purchasing this car will mean that I’ll be able to drive my parents around to their doctor’s appointments, the grocery store and anywhere else that they need to go. My siblings are all planning to live outside of Philly so it will be important that am able to provide transportation for my parents when it’s required.  I’ll also be able to buy some of my own time back that is lost using public transit.


$6,200 Raised

$29,000 Goal

Latest Causes

Build A Community Center


$0 Raised

$8,990,000 Goal

Musical Instruments for Philly Public Schools


$0 Raised

$10,000 Goal


$29,245 Paid

$59,000 Goal